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January 28, 2009
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Search EngineOk, let’s start by saying that all major search engines are going to come to your site NO MATTER WHAT.

There are certain things you can do to prevent appearing in the search results (such as editing robots.txt file ot using <noindex> tag) but your site will be crawled anyway.

There are two major ways ways to get more exposure for site:

* organic SEO + pay per click
* inbound links distribution

The first way is the most common way. But as practice shows it is much better for your rankings to use both methods. So let’s say you hired a professional web design company to build your site. You can ask your company weather they provide any marketing services OR you can do it yourself if budget of your company does not allow you to pay for their services.

So here is what you got to do: build a blog and start writing. Make sure your blog has interesting and unique stories as wall as it’s got all the SEO plugins in place. You will see traffic flow to your blog within a week! Very soon google will be visiting your blog every day. Also, other people will start linking to your articles.

With a blog in place start posting ads in popular online classifieds and don’t forget to include hyperlinks to your site containing relevant keywords, for example: Boston SEO. Create multiple landing pages for various services.

Doing all those things simultaneously (google’s Pay Per Click, blogging, and classifieds marketing) will improve your rankings, create a feel of constantly updated content, and surely you will get rewarded by search engine for spending money.

All this is not very hard to do but it does require time and you may think you will be better of by hiring someone to do this for you, think again, for the same money, and possibly even less an internet marketing company will do it better and more effective.

One more thing to pay attention to: navigation

* Make sure the user can get to any page on the site in three clicks.
* Every page should have a link to the home page.
* Search engine crawlers don’t like Flash and JavaScript menus Do not use it to code navigation or make sure to double all the links.
* Use website map page
* Use sitemap.xml (click to see waht that is)

Have a good one!


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