Boston Web Design Company Kenmore Design Named Best for the Financial Industry

April 9, 2012
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boston web designBoston, Massachusetts – April 9, 2012 – Kenmore Design has been named the number one web design company in the online foreign exchange industry by leading Forex software and services provider Boston Technologies.

“Kenmore Design is working on the cutting edge of online foreign exchange brokerage, utilizing technological innovations to allow the conversion of web traffic into traders with minimal human interaction,” says Boston Technologies Founder George Popescu.

The increased interest in participating in the foreign exchange market has been accompanied by the creation of numerous websites promising to allow the user to participate in Forex online. Kenmore Design stands apart for its commitment to improving user experience through its professional and responsive web design services.

The Boston web design company designs and builds websites that integrate with Boston Technologies’ open platform to open and manage trading accounts. Known as a premier source for WordPress development, WordPress theme design, and general website development, Kenmore Design is pleased to be recognized by the Boston software development leaders at Boston Technologies.

“Receiving this kind of recognition from Boston Technologies is very gratifying,” says Kenmore Design President Alex Sherbakov, adding that interest in studio web design for finance and the foreign exchange market has been building. “People are excited about the possibility of participating remotely in Forex.”

Kenmore Design, known for specialized web design in multiple industries, has received increasing recognition for the financial and Forex-related websites it has developed. These most recent accolades—being named best in the Forex industry—are a result of a commitment to creating professional websites that unite user and content instantly, stylishly, and securely.

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