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5 Reasons to Use a Professional Web Design Company

In the market for a new website? With so many free tools for building a website out there, you might be tempted to make a go of it yourself. Even if you’re the creative sort, however, there are a number […]

Prism – Through the Looking Glass

Here we are again, back on the topic of the secret NSA program called PRISM. Which apparently, is not so secret anymore. Since Edward Snowden’s information leak, news about PRISM has gathered momentum, making international headlines. Why has the news […]

Concerns Grow for Legitimate Users of Shutdown Digital Currency Service Liberty Reserve

Concerns have been raised by legitimate users of Liberty Reserve following the digital cash exchange’s shutdown by US authorities. With some $25 million seized by authorities, users not involved in criminal activity are worried they will not see their funds […]

Adobe Announces Photoshop CC

Adobe has presented Adobe Photoshop CC during Adobe Max, the Creativity Conference, as part of Adobe Creative Cloud’s big update. The new Photoshop offers better options for imaging and increased creative freedom thanks to new tools and workflows. Photoshop CC […]

YouTube To Offer Paid-Suscription Channels

YouTube is set to launch a paid subscription model for some specific video channels. It has reached out to a small group of channel producers and asked them to create paid-access channels. The move, which could be announced as early […]

CRM Software Market Booms in 2012

According to information technology research and advisory firm Gartner, last year the market for CRM software grew by 12.5%, or 3 times more than the average growth of enterprise software. In 2012 CRM software generated a total revenue of 18 […]

European Consumers Place High Value on Online Media

The Boston Consulting Group has conducted research on online media among nearly 7,000 European consumers. The European consumers value online media at €1,077 per year over and above what they pay for it, or approximately half the €2,078 online and […]

New Findings on Social Behavior in Social Media

Status updates, tweets, and page likes have all quickly become an established part of many people’s lives. But how do we actually behave on social networks? How much time do we spend on our online profiles? How likely are we […]

Twitter Trends for More than 160 New Locations

Twitter has introduced Trends in more than 160 new locations. This list includes several countries in which Trends are available for the first time: Belgium, Greece, Kenya, Norway, Poland, Portugal and Ukraine. Furthermore, Twitter added Trends in more than 130 […]

Is Your Website Stuck in the Aughts?

Back in school, a friend of mine and I had an argument over a song we heard on the radio. We couldn’t agree on who sang it. If I admit who that singer was, I’ll feel too old, but suffice […]