Cloud Hosting

Our high impact web design provides proven software concepts in off-the-shelf products customized for your business, with fast implementation.

Cloud Hosting Solutions

custom server buildCloud Hosting is generally – and correctly – viewed as a service, but we take a slightly different angle.

Our affiliation with Amazon AWS and Rackspace Cloud allows us to deploy enterprise level servers within a very short period of time.

While you will be working directly will Amazon or Rackspace, Kenmore Design will set up the server and all of the software required for your operation within 24 hours, and that is why we think of server solutions as a product rather than a service.

Hosting Options

Linux Windows
Enterprise Linux:
Red Hat
Enterprise Windows:
Windows Server 2008
Or the next best thing:
Cent OS
Or the next best thing:
Windows Server 2003

cloud hosting setup

Set up Apache, MySQL, IIS, MS SQL, PHP, FTP, SSL, Mail Server, timed backups and much more in a customizable package all set for you within 24 hours or less.

Don’t like working with third parties? No problem! We will work remotely on your own server to bring it up to the enterprise level.

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