CRM Software Market Booms in 2012

May 6, 2013
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According to information technology research and advisory firm Gartner, last year the market for CRM software grew by 12.5%, or 3 times more than the average growth of enterprise software. In 2012 CRM software generated a total revenue of 18 billion dollars, up 2 billion from the previous year. 80% of this revenue is generated in the US and Europe, but due to the crisis and the strong dollar the growth in Western Europe could not reach above 1%.

2012 also saw the five biggest CRM software producers competing with each other., SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM were responsible for at least half of global revenues. (14% market share) has beaten SAP (12.9% market share) to become first among CRM software producers. However, SAP did manage to remain market leader in Western and Eastern Europe.

In order to become the biggest player in the industry, the top players have made a record of more than 50 acquisitions.


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