CRM Solutions

Our high impact web design provides proven software concepts in off-the-shelf products customized for your business, with fast implementation.

Customer Relationship Management Solution

CRM developmentHere at Kenmore Design we know that no modern business operation can be run without some sort of CRM solution. You need insight into sales, project management, and supply chain solutions.

You may think the learning curve is too steep and that it’s not actually worth the time it takes to learn. Fortunately for you, this isn’t true. You’ll learn to use a CRM within just a few days of trying it, and you won’t be able to imagine how you ever worked without it.

Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM product is an essential tool for Real Estate brokers and agents. You can use it to set up a smart lead management and assignment system, integrate your mail, schedule showings, and see your revenues. The system also allows you to integrate MLS searches on your website and power custom listings such as rentals or commercial real estate.

real estate crmKenmore Design’s extensive experience working with Real Estate Cloud means that we know Real Estate Cloud API better than anyone else and can put it to work on the customization of your real estate website.

General Sales: Sugar CRM, Vtiger, and Salesforce

crm software serviceCRM customization and development is easy. We can customize interfaces, create web-to-lead forms, and make sure lead assignment and routing is in place. You can get ahead in your business if you manage your tasks correctly using Sugar CRM or Vtiger.

Salesforce is the current market leader. Their Saas model allows them to improve the system much faster than their competitors, while the business logic embedded in the sales process has shown to be profitable.

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