Graphs on your website

February 2, 2009
Categories: Web Design

GraphAny information (but especially numeric) is going to be absorbed by a user much better and faster if it is presented with a graph or diagram. Don’t even consider putting statics data on your page without a graph!

I will list here a few free tools that allow building dynamic graphs in your projects. All of the tools are very easy to tweak.




1. API Google charts

Google Chart

This service offers many different choices in various diagram building: linear, circular, columnar, Venn’s diagrams, diffusion diagrams and others. Besides, has many parameters for fine tuning of your graphs

2. PHP and SWF diagrams


Using this tool you can create dinamic diagrams. In order for the tool to work you need to have flash and PHP installed.

3. Open flash chart


4. Simile Timeplot


This service is based on DHTML and AJAX. The service allows you to create functional graphs using minimal ammount of scripts on your server.

Enjoy 🙂


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