Having a professional firm design a website VS hiring an intern or work with students

January 17, 2009
Categories: Web Design

For a start-up business, it may be tempting to save some moolah on website design and hire an intern or a student to create one. Such businesses, perhaps, do not realize the importance of a professional website design.  Your dot com is your greatest marketing tool and its significance cannot be undermined. The expertise and finesse that professional website design firms bring to the table may be missing when interns or students work on your website. You need to hire someone who has industry experience and who has worked on similar projects before rather than relying on individuals who are learning themselves. The advent of SEO has completely changed the way websites are designed and developed.  The content of the website is as important as the actual design. Your website ranking on search engines and its popularity are determined by SEO and professional SEO firms have the know-how to make your website search engine friendly, turning it into a marketing machine and attracting a lot of visitors. I am sure you can use an intern to organize a file cabinet or to update your mailing list. For your company’s website, let the professionals do their job.


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