How did the financial crisis benefit web industry ?

August 6, 2009
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crizisThis is a touchy subject and for many this year was the last year in business. And although this subject is not very web-related I still want to blog about it.

2008/09 is not a great time for business. Many had to lay off the employees or even close th doors completely. But what happened in web industry ? How come there is still a strong demand for web designers and developers ?

The answer lies in-between the laid off professional and merchandise in the closed stores. See, when the professionals got more free time on their hands they started providing others with services such as consulting, advising, various tax and legal help. On the other hand we had merchandise behind the closed stores of the small mom and pop stores. The merchandise had to go and there was a place for it online: it was sold on e-bay or amazon.

The interesting part is that not all of these services are offered in the phonebook, some people started a website and sometime a simple brochure website may cost as little as $1 000! Where are you going to find a business property with such a low rent? Now some mom and pop stores opened e-bay stores or even better: had a dynamic e-commerce solution professionally designed and implemented. Again sometimes this can be done for as little as $ 10 000.

The last point is marketing. Every website needs to be found, good web design companies provide with SEO and Internet marketing services. SEO progress is rather complicated but once the strategy is set up it’s relatively easy for a web design company to execute the service for just a small fee. Internet marketing and SEO services start as low as $500/mo which is times lower then any other type of marketing.

My message is to every one of you hurt by the financial crises: try entrepreneurship, there are many opportunities for you on the web,  your new career may be just one phone call away!


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