Internet Marketing for Real Estate

March 12, 2009
Categories: SEO

BostonIf you are in the real estate business you know how important it is to have your listings online and visible to public. Over 75% of the real-estate is rented had the original lead through some online resource.

Websites like Craigslist, Backpage, Gooogle Base, etc made it really easy and FREE to have your listings exposed to hundreds of potential clients every day.

Now. Let’s assume that your website is not connected to the listing database. Most of your daily routine is cutting and pasting , creating content, and publishing ads online.

On the other hand you may have gone further: You may have a dynamic website that publishes all the listings from your database into your site. Some solutions even allow to publish your ad right from your website backend. These solutions are perfect for big sized businesses.However we would suggest calling a few companies before going to a big and famous. Sometimes product offered by smaller companies is much better then well known solution.

Since I live in Boston I happened to know many real estate companies and real estate web solutions. Companies go after solutions like Dreaming Code or Boston logic because the names are well know. I know at least three other smaller companies that do a much better job for a competitive price.

My article is not as much about the real estate solutions as much about presenting your listings online. It’s not enough to have a website. Your listings should be blasted daily on all of the classifieds, public databases, sites like,,, and many others.

Real Estate Marketing is a service that offers you to outsource all this repetitive job to another company (using the third party is much more affordable then using the same web design companies) that would push your listing on the websites/classifieds of your choice. This will drive targeted traffic to your website from the classifieds, from search engine providing you with hot leads and booing you website rank.



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