Is Your Website Stuck in the Aughts?

April 9, 2013
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Back in school, a friend of mine and I had an argument over a song we heard on the radio. We couldn’t agree on who sang it. If I admit who that singer was, I’ll feel too old, but suffice to say, I knew I was right, she knew she was right, and the matter was left forgotten, and therefore, unsettled. When was the last time one of your friendly disagreements ended that way?

These days, someone’s always got a smart phone on hand, ready to set you straight on such matters. Even if not to settle an argument, most of us have probably been that person with their phone out, checking directions, a train schedule, or the price of an item at another store. And through doing this, we’ve all been exposed to responsive design.

You already know what that is, even if you don’t know the name – it’s what makes a website easy to read on your smart phone or tablet. Responsive design, also called mobile support, allows websites to maintain their appearance and usability, whether you access them on the desktop in your office or on the go.

With more and more people using their phones or tablets to access the web, mobile support is becoming a necessary feature of any company website. Try it – go on your site with a phone, and see how it looks. If your web design already features mobile support, good! If not, you’ll see why you should think about making the change. Sites that are good-looking and accessible only on a laptop or desktop screen are already becoming a thing of the past.



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