New Findings on Social Behavior in Social Media

April 23, 2013
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Status updates, tweets, and page likes have all quickly become an established part of many people’s lives. But how do we actually behave on social networks? How much time do we spend on our online profiles? How likely are we to share our personal information?

Social Media UsersIn cooperation with SurveyMonkey, iAcquire agency has carried out research on the online behavior of American Internet users and how they use social media in their daily lives. Results show that Americans continue to worry about invasions of privacy on the Internet, but these fears are not consistent; for instance, three quarters of respondents are against sharing private search data, but only half of respondents are worried about the pictures that show up in search results.

The research also showed that we are spending increasingly more time using social media. In comparison with 2011, reported social media usage last year has increased by 37 percent, for a total of 30 billion more minutes. There has been a small decrease in Facebook usage (4 percent) and an enormous increase in time spent on social platforms Google Plus (80 percent) and Pinterest (1000 percent). A noticeable difference in information sharing through online channels was also revealed by the research, with young users preferring to share their content via Facebook, while users of 45 and over tended to prefer e-mail to share information with others.

While young adults would rather use Facebook to share their information, this social network is not the most popular platform among users under 30. Orkut, DeviantArt, Reddit, and Github are all primarily used by 18-29 year olds, who make up 85% of Orkut users, 70% of DeviantArt users, and 60% of Reddit and Github users. The 30+ age group represents 80% of LinkedIn users, 65% of Facebook and Pinterest users, and 55% of Twitter users.


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