SEO: The Importance of backlinks

July 19, 2012
Categories: SEO

Backlink SEO StrategyBacklinks are arguably the fuel that drives website traffic.  And now the big question for those that are new to this topic, why are backlinks so important?  Major search engines often use the number of backlinks that a website has as one of the major factors in determining that websites search engine ranking.

Unnatural Backlinking:

The juggernaut that is Google recently announced that it will be focusing its efforts on targeting blog sites and backlink profiles that seem unnatural. This topic stems from the fact that individuals and agencies create traffic from simply commenting on blogs that are completely irrelevant to their business.  New algorithms are being written to target off topic link building and simply commenting on blog network to generating traffic.

Natural Link Building:

It is always good practice to build links that are relevant to the domain for long-term success, there are ways to benefit from short-term link building schemes and pay companies to simply submit your link to thousands of domains to point back.  But with the recent Panda updates released by Google, a flood of backlinks all at once are being sandboxed due to unnatural link building schemes.  What remains a common denominator in regards to the algorithm shifts with Google are the keywords “natural” and “quality” applicable to both content and backlinks. Thus, hiring a company that has these strategies in mind will certainly help build a strong base of one-way links to your domain.

Building a comprehensive Link Strategy:

What you need is a highly powerful blend of link building, by hiring a web development company or an individual that will do the following:  Directory submission, Article submission, relevant Social bookmarking, press release creation and permanent directly submission.  Having a unique blend is the most powerful way to get your site on page 1 of search engines and also submitting links on a scheduled basis to stay away from being sandboxed.


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