Web Design For Small Business

Unique knowledge of web technologies multiplied by fanatical approach to design. Five years in business and impact on eight industries.

Web Design for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

web design for small business

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking for more affordable web design and development services. Choose a recognized name over an unknown design company. Kenmore Design offers services specifically tailored to meet the needs of your small company. We’ve been running our small business division for two years, providing the competitive pricing and vast expertise already familiar to our clients in other divisions.

Kenmore Design for Small Business Unknown Web Design Companies
Custom web design and 100% customer satisfaction Pre-made design from templates
Full service web design and over 15 other services Limited services
Over 30 expertise in various areas Limited technology expertise
Sophisticated approach to project management No process definition
Certified SEO professionals with social media and marketing experience Limited SEO or marketing knowledge
Linux and Windows gurus, Cloud hosting experience Limited server side knowledge and hosting confusion
Strong contract, concrete deadlines Weak or no contract, blurry deadlines
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