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SEO: The Importance of backlinks

Backlinks are arguably the fuel that drives website traffic.  And now the big question for those that are new to this topic, why are backlinks so important?  Major search engines often use the number of backlinks that a website has […]

Boston Web Design Company Kenmore Design Named Best for the Financial Industry

Boston, Massachusetts – April 9, 2012 – Kenmore Design has been named the number one web design company in the online foreign exchange industry by leading Forex software and services provider Boston Technologies. “Kenmore Design is working on the cutting […]

Importance of Internet marketing and professional web design

Those who are engaged in online marketing know very well the importance of Internet marketing strategies. These are the tactics to develop and propagate your business on a worldwide platform. Today with immense use and popularity of Internet, it is […]

10 signs of the professional HTML

Till this day we find new websites sliced by the rules of the end of the previous century. Table slicing, picture-backgrounds placed using IMG tag, using FONT tag, fixed font size and so on. Hey web design gurus, you really […]