The Importance of Feedback

March 5, 2013
Categories: Web Development

When it comes to client-vendor interaction, effective reception and use of feedback is one of a company’s most valuable tools.

Companies usually get lots of feedback from their customers. This feedback can be highly positive, empowering the company to keep at it, and helping to bring in new clients. This, of course, is the feedback that everyone wants to get when they set their business dreams in motion. Who’s going to argue with 100% satisfied customers?

As every business owner knows, however, there is always room for improvement. And that’s why effective business leaders welcome critical feedback as well. This kind of feedback can be just as valuable as the first type, and even more so, since without it the company can stagnate and fall behind the competition. For this reason, companies should make sure to have effective feedback systems in place.

How can you effectively respond to customer feedback? Well, first of all, you have to take it! How many of us have been frustrated customers, trying to reach someone, anyone (or even an automated system that actually works), just to take care of some minor problem or task that should take five minutes and ends up taking forty-five? Unless you have an absolute monopoly in your industry (a dream not many companies can make a reality), quickly addressing customers’ problems is essential to your relationship, and in order to address them, they need to be able to contact you!

Not all problems, of course, are minor and easily remedied. Your clients might have a larger problem with the way a project is carried out, for example. In this case, they may simply be having trouble understanding the process, and a little extra time explaining it, in clear, layman’s terms, can go a long way. If a company is receiving a lot of negative feedback on something like this, however, it’s a good time to evaluate the process and make changes before customer dissatisfaction becomes widespread.

One great thing about responding to this kind of feedback, if a company does it well, is that it can strengthen a relationship that might otherwise have been weak or damaged. What customer doesn’t enjoy being heard? But the best thing about this feedback is that it allows the company to improve its work. And what company doesn’t want that? Surely, satisfied customers is always a good thing, but without constantly improving a service or a product, it’s impossible to compete for a long time in today’s world. Negative feedback is a good way to go.


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