Twitter Trends for More than 160 New Locations

April 16, 2013
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Twitter has introduced Trends in more than 160 new locations. This list includes several countries in which Trends are available for the first time: Belgium, Greece, Kenya, Norway, Poland, Portugal and Ukraine. Furthermore, Twitter added Trends in more than 130 new cities in countries where Trends already were available.

Trends are a simple way to find out what people are discussing at a certain point of time – all over the whole world, or in your country or city. By checking Trends, you can easily find breaking news or hot topics that are relevant to you. To find all the new locations, you should click on Change in the Trends bar on Then select the country or city that most interests you.

Twitter will be adding more locations to trends in the future. For more information about Trends, Twitter has posted a support message online.


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