What is RSS and why you need to know about it.

February 25, 2009
Categories: SEO

rssHow many sites do you visit every day? Maybe once a week? News, blogs, LiveJournal, pictures? I personally used to have a link in the browser’s bookmarks: EVERY DAY with the bookmarks of the sites I should visit daily.

So once the RSS came around I got rid of that folder. RSS gives you the ability to have access to all of the updates as it comes and then you can actually read it later when you are not connected to Internet.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Adding another site to your RSS reader you get constant updates from those sites.

Why is this useful?

1. It is faster – you will only see the updates without old news, navigation challenges, annoying ads, etc.
2. You will see ALL updates from all of the sites you follow.
3. All news are organized in the same fashion so all the navigation challenges are gone.
4. Saves your time traffic.
5. In order to subscribe you don’t need to give any of your personal information away.

RSS reading through other sites

There are many website that offer RSS reading online. They will collect feeds on one page – so instead of collecting all the information on your local machine you will have other sites collect your information for you and access it when you like.

RSS reading via email

In my opinion it defeats the purpose of RSS and your identity security however there are a few services such as feed my inbox that will send all the updates to you via email.

Receiving RSS using standalone program

FeedDeamon is one of the best programs in my opinion for the fob, however there are tons of programmes these days for all tastes. Most mail agents are doing pretty good job.

If your site doesn’t have the RSS feed

There are still many companies with intensive and constant updates that do not allow RSS subscriptions. This is wrong – and you are loosing readers. Have your web design company implement RSS feed or use services like FEED43 that allows to create feeds from the content updates of your choice.

I want to conclude that RSS has become a big part of the web. If you still don’t subscribe or do not provide I highly recommend to start.


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